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The antique estate sale of the decade!

Posted on May 29, 2013 at 9:05 PM


The antique estate sale of the decade!

What till you see what we found while digging through the costume room that was off limits during the first sale in this amazing Victorian home!

Below is the history of the astounding woman who wore all the costumes that are being offered for sale this Saturday, June 1st

Her life was very full and very interesting and makes for good reading…

Flower Hujer as a child - went to the Denman School (Brownies Whisper and Bishop Playhouse) (1914)

Fairmont Hotel School (Childrens May Fest)

Veronine Vestoff School (1916)

Appearing in Puss In Boots - 1918

Peacock Dance - 1918

Hollywood with her mom (appeared in silent Cecile B DeMille films with Kosloff)

Began training professionally as a young girl with Kosloff (famous Russian teacher)

Appearances in Opera at age 14

London Palladium

Hollywood bowl

/special events


she went to Dallas with Kosloff when he opened that school - many productions

Kosloff showcased her and another dancer -Kashevick- she changed her name to Kosloff's Flower

Les Sylphides

Romance of the Infanta



Flower was at the height of her career with Kosloff

Kosloff Ballet

California Grand Opera Co

Opening of Grauman's Egyptian and Chinese Theatres

Carnegie Hall

1923 Motion Picture Industrial Exposition

1923 Orpheaum Circuit Vaudeville

Legend of tartary

Choreographic Miniatures

1926-7 Volgan Boatman - opening of the film

Sunrise "

What Price Glory "

1933 Dionysia



Tears from the Heart


Memories of a Russian Gypsy

Hollywood Bowl - LA

Shingandi - Afircan Voodoo


Blue Danube

Other various venues

Opening of the temple Al Malaikah Temple 1926

Hollywood Masonic temple 1936

Russian Veterans Club 1932

Shakespeare Club Hotel

Opening of several operas : Samson and Delilah/ King of Kings / Volga Boatman/ Sunrise


Modeling for various events

Kosloff came back to Hollywood to pursue a film career and she became restless as a dancer. She broke free from his possessiveness and started on her own. She came to NYC

Worked with Charles Weidman

Sally Rand Nightclub 1940

The Music Box/ The Florentine Gardens/ Follies/

Merry Widow - Broadway 1943

Madame duBarry/ countess Marittfa - Gypsy - All In Fun - Bartered Bride 1941/2

By Jupiter - Flower was the Amazon Dancer 1942/3


1942 Flower married Richard Dwenger - a playwright - best friends and dresser for Gene Kelley


Richard was killed in the Navy battle off the coast of Italy in 1943 - they had been married only a year. He was given a purple heart.


Flower was a specialty dancer in the Broadway show - Jackpot - 1944


She was on the Ruskin and Wilde Dance Team (as well as Miller) 1953


She then formed the Flower Hujer Dance theatre. She and Uncle Miller collaborated on choreography, costume and lighting and set design. Her performances were throughout the US. She danced almost until the end of her days. She and Miller were known for their exotic costumes and creative dance choreography. Many of the productions dealt with Religious and Nature themes - mystical and magical.


The Juggler of Our Lady: Priest/ Barnabus the Juggler/Women in violet and green/Priests/ Countess/ Count

pages/ image of the Virgin mary (Flower)

Byzantine Duo (with Uncle Miller)


Empyrean Realm - done the last decade of Flower's life - she is the Sun/Miller is the Moon.

Balinese American Fusion

Royal Nocturne - the Dreamer/ the young favorite/ the ladies/ a noble/Heavenly twins/Night furies/Apotheosis

Mythic Passage (Storied Passage) - Flower wore Red and fuschia - danced with Nicholas Appel

Out of Darkness (could be part of St. Joan) Pieta Coronation/Joan in fields/apparition of saints/Joan in battle

Journey of Mary and Joseph

The Legend of St. Joan of Arc (silver and blue?)

Cabinet of Scenes and Masks: cluster of playful dances - white, silver, black - progressive jazz

Three Profiles - Lady of Fashion

Tree Spirit Attended by Nymphs


Love Story (Oriental) - eastern inspired fantasy

Fellini Land revisited

Red White and Blue Junction - wholesome charm of americana from 1910

Obscurate - silver branches, symbolic tatters / Praetorius



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